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Par : Bernard P
Publié : 4 juin 2015

02.06.2015 - Intercountry - USA/RDCOngo

The Department of State Strongly Recommends Against Adopting from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) :

This Alert Supercedes the Alert Issued on October 6, 2014

Although the Congolese government has taken steps to address the ongoing exit permit suspension, the Department of State continues to ask all adoption agencies not to refer new Congolese adoption cases for U.S. prospective adoptive parents. The Department of State strongly recommends against initiating an adoption in the DRC at this time. The Congolese government has stated that pending legislative changes will suspend or invalidate future adoption decrees.

We continue to work with the Congolese government so that Congolese children with finalized adoptions waiting for an exit permit can join their adoptive families as soon as possible. We remain committed to engaging with the Congolese government on long-term adoption reforms.