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Par : Bernard P
Publié : 2 décembre 2014

30.11.2014 - Presse MCT National News - RDCongo

Adopted children stranded in Democratic Republic of the Congo

Congressional leaders haven’t forgotten about hundreds of children halfway around the world, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who can’t go home.

They have sent letters to Congolese officials, imploring them to let children who have been adopted by people in the U.S. and other countries finally go to their new families.

But the Congolese leaders haven’t issued exit papers for more than a year, leaving hundreds of children in limbo.

Nearly 200 members of Congress signed a recent letter.

"Some of these children have remained separated from their legal parents for over a year waiting for this final departure permission," the letter says. "Tragically, some of these children have died while waiting for exit permission, and others are very ill and need immediate medical attention.

"We hope that you will agree that swift action is necessary to prevent further loss of innocent lives and the continued suffering and distress for the children and their legal parents."

One potentially encouraging sign is that a few of the children in limbo who have medical conditions so severe that they could die - such as HIV or heart or lung defects - have been given exit letters so they can get medical attention.