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Par : Bernard P
Publié : 20 novembre 2013

18.11.2013 - Intercountry - adoptions USA/PHILIPPINES

Notice : Typhoon Haiyan – Message for U.S. prospective adoptive parents

The Department of State wishes to inform U.S. citizens that intercountry adoption processes are functioning in the Philippines at this time. Any U.S. citizen interested in initiating an adoption from the Philippines should contact a U.S. Hague-accredited adoption service provider (ASP) that has also been authorized by the Philippine Central Adoption Authority, the Intercountry Adoption Board, in order to seek information about the intercountry adoption process. The Department of State maintains a list of all currently accredited U.S. ASPs and the Philippine Intercountry Adoption Board maintains a list of those U.S. Hague accredited ASPs that it has authorized.

Prospective adoptive parents that have already been matched with a child by the Philippine Intercountry Adoption Board should work with their U.S. Hague-accredited ASP and with the Intercountry Adoption Board in order to seek any updates on the welfare of children. The Intercountry Adoption Board and Philippine Department of Social Development and Welfare are working to confirm the welfare and whereabouts of children residing in orphanages in the affected areas. The Intercountry Adoption Board has also indicated that prospective adoptive parents awaiting a matching proposal should not be affected by the typhoon recovery efforts.

The U.S. Embassy in Manila is continuing to process Convention adoption immigrant visa appointments at this time.