Par : Bernard P
Publié : 19 juillet 2015

10.07.2015 - Intercountry USA/INDIA

Notice : India Opens Online Registration for Overseas Citizen of India Prospective Adoptive Parents Seeking Referral of Non-Special Needs Child

This is an update to our notice dated February 6, 2014, announcing that India opened online registration for Non-resident Indian prospective adoptive parents seeking to adopt Indian children not classified as special needs (see CARA’s January 1, 2014, announcement).

CARA informed the U.S. Central Authority that effective March 3, 2014, CARA will accept online registration from Enlisted Foreign Adoption Agencies (EFAAs) on behalf of individuals who have Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) status for this expanded group of eligible children (See CARA’s February 28, 2014, announcement). CARA will accept 50 registrations per month worldwide for non-special needs children on a first-come, first-served basis. At this time, CARA is not considering online registration for prospective adoptive parents of Indian origin who have Person of Indian Origin (PIO) status. There is no limitation on the number of registrations for children with special needs.